Everything About Woogie Boogie

Until now, the after-show artist talks we organized were always for our adult audience but now it is the children’s turn. Everything in Woogie Boogie, the story of the adventures of two friends who went on their first sea adventure with their cute turtle, animated on a big white board. The enigmatic creatures and the whole story they have encountered during the adventures of these two friends are told with the blackboard pen and the drawings they made together on the whiteboard. You can learn the answers of the questions you wonder about this interesting and interactive performance in this collaquy. We are already curious about the answer of questions such as ‘What was the inspiration behind the show?’, ‘Who is your target audience?’, ‘What is the biggest charm of your show?’ and ‘What is the position of the music used in the performance?

March 16th  2019 at 13:00pm (Izmir Sanat)