We had to keep the mermaids alive. They should remain the most beautiful ornament of our dreams. We destroyed them. We don't remember them anymore, not to mention their names, and most importantly one day we lost them by losing our belief that they would come out of the blues of the Aegean. Our dreams are no longer as rich as they used to be. We have found new fairy tales, but none is as beautiful as a mermaid, not as full of dreams as a mermaid. I wish we lived the mermaids.

Puppets are like mermaids. But if we believe that they are real, if we connect with their names and love, they can exist. Life itself is as real as the puppets and the imagination as one. We need puppets; We need it to enrich life, we need it to decorate our dreams, we need our children to grow with love and peace. That's why we keep the puppets alive in Izmir.

From now on, the puppets remind the mermaids, mermaids puppets. Let them be remembered together, at least in Izmir, where the mermaids were born.

Who knows, maybe mermaids are living in Izmir with puppets.