Great Tales with Simple Methods

A Small But Infinite Universe; Paper Theater

Paper theater, also known as Toy Theater, is a technique involving the manipulation of paper characters. This type of theater emerged in England in the early 19th century. It was used as a toy until 1940. Since the 20th century, the number of puppeteers and artists who use this technique has increased. Paper theater has proved to be a valuable storytelling technique that is easily played, taught and accessed in schools and public spaces. It also allows the use of complex and detailed stage design, high-level acting, detailed narration and theater effects without the need for a huge budget. In this workshop, Iranian artist Ramin Cohen will firstly inform the participants about the paper theater, give detailed information on how to make and perform the technical form, and touch on all the necessary steps during the preparation of the paper theater show. All participants will explore their small but endless universe of the paper theater while making their own miniature theaters.

Date - Time Venue
11 Mart 2020 10.00am – 05.00 pm Tarihi Havagazı Fabrikası