Puppets Through the Eyes of a Photographer “In the Trail of Puppets”

Photography Exhibition by Selvinaz Aydoğan Çetiner

“Puppets are the language of love, the voice of enthusiasm, the image of human values.” says photographer Selvinaz Aydoğan Çetiner. The artist, who has been the visual memory of the festival since 2017, shares the reflections of her visor with the audience in 2019. “Am I on the stage or is the Puppet on the visor; we both at the festival as a whole” we have integrated the two arts with the words taken by the artist for four years. The artist who tries to explain the universality, uniqueness, and depth of the art with the photographs she took; In the words of Voltaire, she opens the doors of this year's exhibition “In the Trail of Puppets”: “All arts are siblings, every art illuminates the other arts”. The rapidly moving and developing puppet art continues to illuminate all other branches of art.

Date - Time Venue
5 -22 March 2020 İzmir Sanat Fuaye