Reflections through the Shadows (Meet up the Puppets)

Selections of Kaohsiung Museum Shadow Play Collection

The Kaohsiung Museum, which has one of the most important shadow play collections of the Far East, meets with Izmir art lovers with 39 rare pieces of artifacts. Taiwan's traditional theater performances are closely related to the lives of ordinary people. Many festivals and ceremonies in daily life are the subjects of shadow plays. Traditional and chronological celebrations, daily ceremonies or ceremonies of gratitude to the gods are some of them. The performances on these ceremonies and festivals are not only for the entertainment of people but also for their religious and social education. In traditional theaters in Taiwan, “leather” was used as material and shadow figures were played like jumping monkeys. Therefore, shadow plays in Taiwan are often known as the “leather theater” or “leather monkey”. The exhibition, which consists of figures of important characters in the shadow play of Taiwan, provides detailed information about Taiwan's culture and art.

Date - Time Venue
5 -22 March 2020 Resim Heykel Müzesi Kültürpark Art Galery