Life Finders

Puppet and Mask Exhibition

It is not known exactly when the humans are begun to portray an inanimate object, the puppet, as a representation of something or a person. Masks and puppets have been used in rituals and ceremonies throughout human history. So, when do we believe that these representations of nature or people that act before our eyes? Is the puppet just a lifeless object that comes to life in the puppeteer’s hands? The production process begins by imagining a face between a pile of material in the workshop. Once the puppet is in contact with the puppeteer, the puppet begins to live. Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Performing Arts, Department of Stage Design. Lec. Ayten Öğütcü and Res. Asst. Dr. Işınsu Ersan shares her puppets and masks, which come to life in their own world, with art audiences.

Date - Time Venue
5 -22 March 2020 İzmir Sanat Fuaye