Puppets Through the Eyes of a Photographer

Puppet and Visor

Photograph Exhibition by Selvinaz Aydoğan Çetiner

“Puppets make people hear the truth that got lost in the buzzing of the world. Visors, on the other hand, shows the truth that got lost within the crowds of the world. The time when the puppet and visor meets is the time in which the people want to take over their memories that are fading as the time goes by. That is the moment where the photographer is looking to the visor with her heart.” says the photograph artist Selvinaz Aydoğan Çetiner. Photographic story of the puppets which makes us ponder while making us laugh is being carried over to 11th Izmir International Puppet Days from 10th Izmir International Puppet Days. Photography artist Selvinaz Aydoğan Çetiner says to the puppets through her visor; “May the fields be full of joy and may the earth and heavens salute you. May you be the voice of the silence. May you dance for humanity without considering religion, language and race.”.

Mekan: İzmir Sanat Fuaye

Tarih: 2-19 March 2017