Puppets of Safinaz Arıcan

Dorobo’s Dreams

“A new year’s eve night, came Dorobo. He hugged me without feeling like a stranger but he also patiently waited his turn. He tirelessly loved with his healing hands. He was no longer a guest, he was family.” hence the artist introduces her new friend. Inspired from her beloved cat that appeared in her life, teacher and puppet maker Safinaz Arıcan used various lovely and cute animals as the figures of her puppets for this year’s exhibition. We are rather certain that you will love this exhibit where everyone can find glimpses of their animal companions. “In order to be happy, one must hold on to dreams and keep the doors ajar” says our artist Safinaz Arıcan.

Mekan: İzmir Sanat Fuaye

Tarih: 2-19 March 2017