My Dear Little Calf

Ins Puppet Theatre Lab

  • South Korea
  • 55 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Korean, Turkish

Just before the Korean war, a boy named Dolie and his family were living in a small town in South Korea. In the spring break, Dolie's father bought her a cute little calf. Dolie was shocked to see the frail calf and began to look after it. With Dolie's special care, his little calf grew, became beautiful, and they became close friends. After the good days, the war erupted. To escape the war, Dolie and his family have to cross the frozen river. But the ice layer of the river is too thin for the calf to pass. Dolie is forced to tie a letter on his calf explaining that he wants someone to take care of it and leave. The performance adapted from the author Hwang Sunwon's book ‘Calf’ reminds us of the brutality of war and the power of love. With an impressive visuality and live music, this performance will take place in your memories for a long time.