The White Rabbit

The Art Theatre Bucharest

  • Romania
  • 45 Minutes
  • Age: 4+
  • Non Verbal

Four suitcases, an empty table, two actresses and a rabbit. Sorry, not just a rabbit, but a plush White Rabbit. You will be a fan of this lovely White Rabbit, where you will witness its adventures, games, imagination, and emotions. A show which is unmissable with simple, small, modest but extremely entertaining and masterful acting from Ana Cracium-Lambru, winner of the Best Actress award at the AnimArt World Puppet Carnaval in Lodz, Poland in 2016.



Date - Time Venue
5 March - 11:00 İzmir Sanat
6 March - 11:00 İzmir Sanat
7 March - 11:00 İzmir Sanat
8 March - 11:00 İzmir Sanat