The Insect Circus

String Theatre

  • England
  • 35 Minutes
  • Age: 4+
  • Non Verbal

The magical world of Insect Circus invites the viewer to forget the truth and dive into the strange and beautiful world of insects. Insects, grasshoppers, wasps and dragonflies are waiting to present you the handicrafts in a funny way. The show, accompanied by stringed puppets and special music, brings a breath of fresh air to the traditional techniques used in Victorian puppets. The ensemble takes the audience on an entertaining journey through the world of insects with their custom-made scenes, carved puppets made of long stranded wood.



Date - Time Venue
14 March - 13:00 Çiğli Kipa AVM
14 March - 16:00 Çiğli Kipa AVM
15 March - 14:30 Balçova Kipa AVM
15 March - 18:00 Balçova Kipa AVM