The Chelem Legend

Train Theatre

  • Israel
  • 45 Minutes
  • Age: 7+
  • Hebrew, Turkish

An unforgettable humorous story that takes place in Chelem, one of the most important cities of Jewish folklore. Lemech and Layzer, the characters of the play, start a journey from Chelem, the city where they live, to get a new moon from Warsaw, to replace the stolen one. This adventurous journey comes alive on stage with amazing visuals, is accompanied with Klezmer music of Eyal Talmudi that will fill you up with a rhapsody and turns the show into an auditory feast. The play, in which the talented artist Galia Levy-Grad performs puppet, shadow and pop-up book techniques –which is a first in İzmir- is one of the most cherished performances of many festivals.