Dallae Story

Art Stage San

  • South Korea
  • 52 Minutes
  • Age: 13+
  • Non Verbal

Dallae Story is based on a terrible fact which has been continuously experienced by humans since the very first time they started existing on the world: War! The performance is a puppet show that represents life and time and takes place through four seasons. Newly married couple is living happily because of the birth of their daughter in a small farm. However, due to the emerging war, their happy lives turn into sorrow and their unity turns into seperate lives from each other. Dragged through the depths of the war, the unfortunate family is sorrowfully yearning for their happy times together. Father was drafted to the army and he is feeling horrible about being forced to kill. Mother is about to lose her mind for missing her lost child and her husband who is in the war. Sorely missing her family, Dallae is exhausted due to being lonely and hungry. Reflecting the truth of today’s reality, the performance displays the devastation of war through art’s unique and effective language.