Didi’s Son

Dirty Granny Tales

  • Germany
  • 60 Minutes
  • Age: 13+
  • English, Turkish (Surtitles)

In a world where everything is backwards, the author becomes a part of his story. He falls in love with the lead actress of the fairy tale. Now, forget everything you know and settle in comfortably to your seats. Dirty Granny Tales will tell you a dark and bizarre tale to you tonight. In this performance, musicians assume the role of storyteller and puppets and the reflected animations breathe life into the main characters of the story. Combining with the dark theme of the show, spectacular lights complete the atmosphere of the performance. Performances of Dirty Granny Tales consist of music, puppet theatre, animation and dance. Having a unique multidisciplinary expressionist art language, the company dazzles the audiences with fairy tales that appear out of this world but in fact very much of this world. Performed accompained with live music, we are certain that you will not forget this eccentric performance and its music.