The Mystery of the Orient

Baruti Teatro

  • Greece
  • 45 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Turkish, Greek

Tourloum Soucloum, wishes to be a magician like his Grandfather but his naughtiness stops him to become what he wants. His adventurous journey that he decided to take, upon his grandfather’s suggestion, to improve himself and become a magician, with the magic book, which happens to be his only friend, started in a not-so-hospitable desert. The Baruti Theatre participating our festival from Greece, has a unique technique and experience with their puppets, imitating human motions in an elegant and most natural way. The play, set in a fairy-tale stage, accompanied with a striking music let the audience experience incredible feelings, the puppets come alive in a world where nothing is impossible, drifts the spectators into a magical world.