Sonata A Quattro Piedi

Laura Kibel (Teatro Dei Piedi)

  • Italy
  • 60 Minutes
  • Age: 10+
  • Non Verbal

Teatro dei Piedi that set a record for the largest audience to watch, in 2012 with their one-man show in their very first visit to İzmir, meets with İzmir audience once again, this time with a two-hander. In this show, emanating from the artistic synergy between Laura Kibel, the peerless master of foot theatre which is a combination of mime and puppet theatres, and her student Veronica Gonzales, they portray old and modern characters of life, with their bodies embellished with great many accessories, in an ironic and funny way. The truly incredible, lively, dynamic, cheerful and colorful show that you will not get enough of, will surely be one of the performances that we will place in the first raw of your festival agenda.