Treasure Hunt on the Island of Mysterious Scents

İzmir Kukla Tiyatrosu

  • Turkey
  • 45 Minutes
  • Age: 5 - 8
  • Turkish

We are inviting our young audiences into a wonderful adventure with the puppet characters of the show. This performance where the audience is also a part of is festivals production and the continuation of the efforts toward puppetry in Izmir. Stage design and the puppets of the show are created together with Burgas State Puppet Theatre (Bulgaria) and it is directed by Serdar Sönmemiş. This performance provides an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed for children to get closer with the puppet art where for the first time in our country the audience has important task elevating the artistic impact of the show and making them an essential part, guiding the dramatic development of the show. The performance also uses “scent” as a main aspect of the show making it as a first to help its audience develop a “sense of scent”.