Ibis Becomes a Karagoz Performer

Geleneksel Gösteri Sanatlari Topluluğu

  • Turkey
  • 40 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Turkish

Ibis makes a bet with his boss, he claims that he will portray Karagoz better than anyone. He quarrels with Hayali Mahmut, goes behind the shadow play curtains and the show starts. Hacivat again tricks Karagoz. They work as announcers in a song contest organized by a crook. In the finale, it is understood that the participants are defrauded. Karagoz is deceived by Hacivat again but as usual Karagoz manages to teach Hacivat a lesson. A unique puppet performance of Hayali Mahmut Hazim Kisakurek, the master puppeteer of traditional theatre, portraying both Karagoz and Ibis.