Ibis Hotel Keeper

Ramiz Balakin

  • Turkey
  • 35 Minutes
  • Age: 4+
  • Turkish

Being one of the examples of Traditional Turkish Puppetry, Ibis hand puppet does not get the attention it deserves and even almost took its place among the forgotten arts. Not only these educational and fun shows reflect the sincerity of our past, bu also help audience to have a good time by addressing current topics. Nowadays, Ibis hand puppet shows are being performed by only a couple of artists. Being one of these artists, Ramiz Balakin thinks “Ibis puppet is the best communication tool for reaching children”. Ibis has never goen to the school and because of this he is someone who sits at home being lazy all the time and doesn’t like to work. Wanting to put an end to this situation, Ibis starts working at a hotel. Hotel owner Mr. Hamdi will recognize Ibis’ ignorance and give him a punishment that will change his life.