Ibis and Pinocchio

Açıkgöz Kukla Tiyatrosu

  • Turkey
  • 40 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Turkish

The master Gepetto gives naughty Pinocchio to the fairy lady. With the help of the fairy lady and Ibis children, they convince Pinocchio to go to school and tell the truth. In the end, Pinocchio realized that what he had done was wrong and promised to tell the truth and to abandon mischief. Master Gepetto, who is very happy about it, organizes the festival. They have fun together with string puppets. It is an entertaining performance that brings together our traditional hand puppet İbis and one of the leading characters of the world's children's literature Pinocchio.



Date - Time Venue
9 March - 11:00 Ahmet Piriştina Kültür Merkezi
9 March - 14:00 Ahmet Piriştina Kültür Merkezi