My Faith

Compagnie À

  • France
  • 35 Minutes
  • Age: 15+
  • Non Verbal

The show is an example of object theatre inspired from “The Love Council” written in 1895 by Oskar Panizza. It is a story about the council meeting between God the Father, Mary and Jesus and the subject of the council is the divine retribution against humankind’s immoral lifestyle. This trio along with the archangel, other angels and apostles summon the Devil in order to end the binge on the earth. Disguised as an attractive young woman, the Devil conjures syphilis onto the world and infects every licentious human who is enticed by the beauty of the young attractive woman. “My Faith” is neither a religious satire nor a religious farce. In fact, it is a humorous story with an unusual outlook on the laws of human reproduction and Jesus’ birth told by a nun. An enchanting show with an unorthodox story and impeccable acting.