Under the Strings

Nadia Imperio

  • Italy
  • 40 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Non Verbal

The performance consists of a series of sketches that are musical and independent of each other, and the sketches consist of funny, lyrical and acrobatic performances. While the artist entertains, she also aims to bring the audience into the world of movement, rhythm, wood and wires. The heroes of the classic sketches, some of which are re-interpreted with a contemporary sensibility, make the show unforgettable; Lilit, the delicate rope walker; three ethereal dancing creatures, made out of strings and fabric; Oscar, young performer of flying trapeze; a pair of dancing legs and a newborn chick that just came out of its rolling egg; and a naughty dancer that performs her ironical dance. They are not just a puppet or a machine, but also extraordinary individuals who express themselves with their personalities and organic movements. They can't wait to meet you. What about you?