Jacques Baguette

Men in Back

  • Germany
  • 20 Minutes
  • Age: 4+
  • Non Verbal

Jacques Baguette, the superstar of pastry, is the lover of everyone who is here before you. The famous chef is blessed with fascinating, polite and incredible show talent, and has an enthusiastic fan community. On the other hand, there is Jens-Olaf, a food enthusiast who knows all the bakery books by heart and his biggest dream is to meet Jacques Baguette. Let's look at how these two different but skillful chefs will come together and what they will experience. This is an amazing, interesting, glamorous, shocking, entertaining show but at the same time you will ruminate that “How can this be done?”.



Date - Time Venue
21 March - 13:00 Çiğli Kipa AVM
21 March - 16:00 Çiğli Kipa AVM
22 March - 14:30 Balçova Kipa AVM
22 March - 18:00 Balçova Kipa AVM