Dirty Wings

David Zuazola Puppets Company

  • Chile
  • 50 Minutes
  • Age: 15+
  • English, Turkish (Surtitles)

A girl is born with two wings on her back in Garbagevillage, in a humble house near the wharf. No one can decide whether she is an angel or a demon. Curious people start gathering around and a man appears, as always happens; Mr. Gentleman… He calls out to the crowd “I will take care of hiding this kid until she is 16. When that day comes, if she is an angel, we should hope that she is, she will save the world, if she is the devil that will annihilate the humanity, I will destroy her using my methods.” And now almost 16 years later… Chilean artist designing puppets with the help of recycled materials, electric motors and ropes, presents an intriguing performance with a whole new way of telling its story.