Claudio Cinelli

  • Italy
  • 80 Minutes
  • Age: 8+
  • Non Verbal

Claudio Cinelli, one of the most important artists of Italian theater and puppet art, over 45 years of artistic life, he has directed more than 100 plays as actor and director. His theater talent made him the head of Gran Teatro dei Burattini del Sole in his twenties, one of the leading puppet theaters in Italy and even the world. Cinelli’s most memorable performance, Heartbeat, is a collection of funny, poetic, melancholic and extremely touching vignettes staged on love that makes you laugh and cry. Interesting episodes from the operas of Italian composers reach the audience from Cinelli's puppets, interpreted in his own unique style. The flexible structure of the puppets and the tempo of the performance creating a Persian musical effect. You can't get enough of watching the artist who has reached the heights of modern puppet art by combining pantomime art with dance.



Date - Time Venue
13 March - 20:00 İzmir Sanat
14 March - 20:00 İzmir Sanat
15 March - 00:00 İzmir Sanat