What if Karagöz gets Sick

Hayali Suat Veral

  • Turkey
  • 40 Minutes
  • Age: 6+
  • Turkish

Giant, 1-meter long Karagoz figures meet with audience of Izmir with the new show of Hayali Suat Veral, Master of Traditional Turkish Shadow Play Karagoz and Hacivat, Cultural Heritage Bearer of Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Idly walking in the streets due to not being employed, Karagoz falls ill because of his stubbornness. Hacivat tries to take his friend Karagoz to see a doctor. With his usual grumpy self, Karagoz does not want to go see a doctor because he is scared of them. You won’t believe what will happen to Karagoz who tries to get better using hearsay remedies.