Karagoz at the Festival

Suat Veral

  • Turkey
  • 40 Minutes
  • Age: 6+
  • Turkish

A Karagoz – Hacivat classic from Hayali Suat Veral who discovered various ways of telling and displaying our traditional culture in an enjoyable way to the audiences of all ages, did numerous projects, is a Cultural Heritage Holder of the Culture and Tourism Ministry and a master of the Traditional Turkish Shadow Play Karagoz and Hacivat. While Karagoz and his old friend Hacivat were talking, they hear music coming from a distance and Karagöz wonders about the source. He asks Hacivat about it. Noticing a huge tent having festivities inside at the square Karagoz gets excited and together with Hacivat they go to the festival. We are inviting you to the festivities at the Karagoz house.