The Miracle of Scarlet Sails

Teatrol Theater

  • Russia
  • 60 Minutes
  • Age: 10+
  • Non Verbal

The play tells us faith and love can create miracles. After her mother’s death, Assol lives with his father Longren the sailor. Longren quits his job to raise his daughter and starts to make toy ships to earn money. One day, while Assol is running after a ship that slips off her hands, she meets Captain Gop who tells her that a prince will come to take her with his Scarlet Sail ship when she grows up. Assol believes him and waits for the prince. Everyone in the town laughs at this naïve girl because Scarlet Sail does never exist. Meanwhile, Countess Grey’s son and heir, Arthur grows up in the castle. This young man dreaming freedom and adventure escapes from the castle and finds a job on a ship. The young man, who has everything once, now handles every difficulty to become a captain. One day, he sees a girl who cries for a toy ship. He falls in love with her. Let’s see if this love can make miracles work.