In the Village Yard

Burgas State Puppet Theatre

  • Bulgaria
  • 30 Minutes
  • Age: 2+
  • Non Verbal

Every year, we bring to our festival performances that the youngest children can watch together with their families. This year, the play of Burgas State Puppet Theater is for our little ones. The performance allows children to get to know about living things in the village garden with fun and lots of music. What are these cute creatures, how they make sounds, what they eat, what kind of habits they have, where do they live, what do they have in common and what are the differences? A demonstration that awakens children's sensory memories and provides a good basis for parents to repeat what they see and experience at home.


Date - Time Venue
8 March - 14:00 İzmir Sanat
13 March - 11:00 Folkart Academy