Stone by Stone

El Teatre De L’Home Dibuixat

  • Spain
  • 35 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • English

“I was once walking barefoot along the beach when I suddenly realized there are so many stones on Earth. I have now started to classify them and keep them as a precious treasure. When you carefully look at their inside, you realize that they are more than just stones.” says the artist to outline his connection with stones. An extraordinary performance that honored with the best performance awards in many festival competitions held since 2008, in China, Spain, Serbia, Russia, Poland, Slovenia. The most naive story you would watch after a very long time. The incredible simplicity in the narration, elegance, the way he uses the objects and the way he structures them, not only amaze adults as well as the kids but also revitalize your fading away imagination by taking you back to your childhood.