Kim the Little Black Chicken

Figurentheater Vlinders & C

  • Belgium
  • 45 Minutes
  • Age: 3+
  • Non Verbal

New chicks are hatching on a farm. Among the yellow chicks there is a small black chick is born. The little black chick immediately realizes that he is from a different nest than the others. This little black chick named Kim is not accepted by the farmer who paternizes the yellow chicks. He sets out to search for his true “black” father. His father is unfortunately not with dogs, cats or pigs. I wonder if he's somewhere else. Maybe with a cunning fox. They are all very happy to meet the little black chick. The little black chick Kim will be able to find a family? A story full of surprises and turns. Funny situations and an amazing end are waiting for you.



Date - Time Venue
19 March - 11:00 İzmir Sanat
20 March - 11:00 İzmir Sanat
22 March - 12:00 İzmir Sanat