Ranga Shankara

  • India
  • 35 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Non Verbal

When the lizards feel a threat to them, they drop their tails as a defense mechanism. The loss of tails allows the lizard to escape from the threat and distracts their enemy. Our little hero baby lizard Chippi, while playing, hears a powerful voice from a distance and is very scared. Shocked little lizard drops her tail. She is ashamed to face the world now because she has no tail. She initially chooses to hide, but then starts searching for her lost tail. Well, what now? Will she ever get her tail back?




Date - Time Venue
8 March - 17:30 İzmir Sanat
9 March - 11:00 Güzelyalı Kültür Merkezi
9 March - 14:00 Güzelyalı Kültür Merkezi