The House of Small Cubes

Cie Spectabilis

  • France
  • 45 Minutes
  • Age: 6+
  • Non Verbal

In a town where the water level begins to rise, the people begin to build unique houses. Each time, the inhabitants of flooded houses build a new floor on top of their houses. Therefore, they form underwater houses that look like small stacked cubes built on top of each other. In time, the town's inhabitants leave the city under water. Only an old man resists to the rise of sea level. One day something precious for the old man goes down in deep water. So he puts on his diving suit and dives down into the water to take it back. Each room sings a song that reminds him of the past, and brings back the rest of his memories from the depths. Therefore, to dive into the water means to travel back in time for the old man. All his memories flashes before his eyes. We recommend you not to miss this emotional, naïve and impressive show where different techniques like shadows, puppets and object theater are used together.