Little Prince

Theatre At Narva Gates

  • Russia
  • 65 Minutes
  • Age: 13+
  • Russian, Turkish (Surtitles)

Little Prince is the most read book of the world where the world of the grown ups is narrated from the perspective of a child. Who is actually the Little Prince or what is really being told in the story? The director of the show staged the performance in a way that it suggests us to find Little Prince in each spectator and in the characters of the play, of course, which are going to tell the story themselves. Author, artist, rose, adult in the venue – all of them are characters and images of the show that is reflecting the relationship between adults’ world and children’s world in various ways. Not only the text of Antoine de Saint Exupery was used but also a great number of fascinating theatre forms from puppet theatre to visual tricks was also utilized in this performance. It is an incredible show without a single dull moment, where everything is magic and real at the same time like it is childhood.