Dancing with the Puppet

Varna State Puppet Theater

  • Bulgaria
  • 35 Minutes
  • Age: 4+
  • Non Verbal

Mostly when we combine two or three things we love, surprising combinations would emerge. Sometimes a taste that you can't get enough of, and sometimes a big mismatch as you would never be expected. But you'll definitely like this combination and enjoy it; Dance, Music and Puppet… The puppet world is fun. Puppets like kids - cheerful, playful, funny. You never get bored with them. Don't be surprised if you start dancing without realizing it. These cute puppets fill our lives with music and entertainment as well as imitate people, and when they imitate celebrities, fun and laughter are inevitable. Never think that you can walk past them without being part of this fun show.



Date - Time Venue
9 March - 16:30 Sevgi Yolu Konak
10 March - 16:30 Kasaplar Meydanı Çiğli
11 March - 16:30 Güzelyalı Parkı
13 March - 11:00 Turuncu Koleji