Y2D Productions

  • Canada
  • 60 Minutes
  • Age: 12+
  • Non Verbal

The unusual journey of an otherwise ordinary man whose world becomes physically unhinged. Leo is spending time in an empty room with a small suitcase in his hand. As time passes he becomes aware that all may not be what it seems in his world. His reaction to the situation evolves from alarm and insecurity to curiosity and eventually to playfulness. He is dragged into new and unexpected adventures in imaginary worlds for a short time until he again realizes that he is alone. Eventually he begins to accept that this room is holding him hostage and he needs to break the bonds of his confinement. Having explored his dreams and desires and exercised his lust for life, Leo's final pursuit is the most important of all... freedom. You will not be able erase this memorable story full of surprises and the intricate setting which you might never fully learn how it is constructed from your memory for many years.