Leo’s Marionette Show

Leo Kondakov

  • Russia
  • 30 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Non Verbal

Russian puppet artist Leo Kondakov is visiting Izmir. Cute puppets, lover of everyone from regardless of age, invite you to their joyful world. The Puppets named Pavarotti and Tina Turner which designed by puppet and stage designer Galina Maksimychev, will perform their most beautiful songs. Puppets named Rammstein, Pierrot and Belle will dance and entertain the audience and bring joy to the streets of Izmir. With performing in many countries around the world with puppet performances, the artist is also one of the leading actors of social responsibility projects with performances in hospitals, orphanages, health centers and even in prisons.



Date - Time Venue
14 March - 15:30 Konak Meydanı - Metro Çıkışı
15 March - 14:00 Bornova Doğanlar Şapeli Kültür Merkezi:
16 March - 17:00 Gündoğdu Meydanı Alsancak
17 March - 17:00 Sevgi Yolu Bayraklı
18 March - 17:00 Kasaplar Meydanı Çiğli
19 March - 17:00 Forbes Caddesi Buca
20 March - 17:00 Büyük Park Bornova
21 March - 14:00 Pagos Pazarı Kadifakale içi
22 March - 14:00 Ayavukla Kilisesi Kültür Merkezi