Theatre Virovitica

  • Croatia
  • 50 Minutes
  • Age: 8+
  • Turkish (Surtitles)

Kashtanka is one of Chekhov's most popular short stories. The work depicts the depths of human nature and the social atmosphere of Russia in the early 20th century. Kashtanka is a universal story of love, commitment and responsibility, adorned with strong Russian colors. Social satire master Chekhov shows human weaknesses without compromising from the perspective of the dog, the best friend of man in Kashtanka. What Kashtanka sees is a human world with unhappiness, emptiness and weaknesses. But this dog, ruled by primitive instincts, does not judge. The dog needs food, a warm environment and love, and because he observes love through the eyes of the dog, the reader or viewer cannot stop wondering; What is the limit of human love and how do we react when we realize that we do not love and are not loved enough? It is a story of humanity that can be traced from Chekhov's language.



Date - Time Venue
10 March - 20:00 İzmir Sanat
11 March - 20:00 İzmir Sanat
12 March - 20:00 İzmir Sanat