Polina Borisova

  • France
  • 45 Minutes
  • Age: 12+
  • Non Verbal

The figure of a Bird-Woman known as Siren, Harpy, Phoenix, Gamayun, Firebird, Kimnara, Alkonost appears in many cultures and many tales. They are sometimes a mesmerizing sea creature whose songs drive men to throw themselves at the sea, and sometimes they are the spirit of the music who appeals the gods. Other times they are fateful messengers from another world guiding the dead and the haunting souls. In the Slavic pagan mythology, this character is at the origin of the World and she makes a nest where Life appears on a tree in the middle of the ocean. But, why try to speculate its ancestry and its protean nature, when you just got a chance to see it in real life… “Skazka” calls you to the center of this mythological universe. The latest show of the master puppeteer Polina Borisova, whose shows are being held in high regards, is one of the most anticipated performances of our festival as well. Don’t miss it!