Fabula Crasa

Animo Puppets Studio

  • Romania
  • 35 Minutes
  • Age: 3+
  • Turkish

The performance is an adaptation of three fairy tales that children know very well. These tales include Frog and Cow, Cicada and Ant and Lion and Rabbit. The main characters of this colorful and cute show are the frog, the cheerful cicada, the hardworking ant and the cowardly lion, who are trying to exceed the cow's size. This show is suitable for audiences of all ages, the happy smile that appears on your face while watching the suggestive and entertaining performance will never be erased.



Date - Time Venue
21 March - 14:30 Balçova Kipa AVM
21 March - 18:00 Balçova Kipa AVM
22 March - 13:00 Çiğli Kipa AVM
22 March - 16:00 Çiğli Kipa AVM