The Ears of Midas

Bodrum Deneme Sahnesi

  • Turkey
  • 50 Minutes
  • Age: 7+
  • Turkish

Midas the King of Phrygia, who was chosen as the referee in a music competition between Apollon and Pan, decides on Pan's superiority. Apollo, who resented Midas, turns the king's ears into donkey's ears. Midas tries to hide this stigma but when his barber, the only person he's told, cannot stand and shouts this secret to a desolate well, his words scatter to the reeds along with the wind and then to the whole city. Although Midas tries to hide his ears as top secret, which he was very upset and embarrassed at first, after a while he reconciles with his look and decides to appear in front of the people with his new look. Güngör Dilmen's famous theater play, comes out as a bold experiment with puppets this time.