The Old Actress’s Theatre

  • Czechia
  • 40 Minutes
  • Age: 3+
  • Non Verbal

An Indian forest called Mowgli, with its wild hunters, insidious reptiles, a missing child and a caterpillar... The lost child Mowgli, who shares the same name with the forest, finds himself in the middle of this forest full of traps and dangers. What can a child do who has not yet begun to speak in the world of wolves, snakes, tigers and other giant animals that even adults cannot handle? Can a little boy survive the wilderness? However, nature is much more colorful and interesting than it seems at first glance. Mowgli is found in the jungle by a wolf and realizes that one must take care of Mowgli. Is he hungry? Does he like Bone? No, honey can be better. A bear also participates in Mowgli's upbringing and becomes its protector. However, Mowgli needs to learn to live alone, so he goes on exploration trips through the woods. Even though Mowgli is initially rescued by the bear who secretly watches her every move, she gradually begins to realize that life in the wilderness requires wisdom and intelligence. A story of courage and friendship filled with a little excitement and danger.



Date - Time Venue
16 March - 11:00 Ziya Gökalp Kültür Merkezi
16 March - 14:00 Ziya Gökalp Kültür Merkezi
17 March - 11:00 Güzelyalı Kültür Merkezi
17 March - 14:00 Güzelyalı Kültür Merkezi