The Swinging Marionettes

Pavel Vangeli Puppet Theatre

  • Czechia
  • 50 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Non Verbal

A show arising from a blend of modern elements of Czech marionette tradition and leaving you with an unforgettable taste. In this variety type of show consisting of six different sketches, Vangeli, influenced by the magnificent jazz and swing music of the 30s, will sometimes make you laugh and sometimes will make you think with a profound black humor. The characters of the play; the Angel, the Satan, the Jester, the Skeleton, Fat Black Man and two Castaways, will carry the spectators to their own world. With the puppets of Vangeli, you stroll along locations whose borders are drawn by the imagination, from the old streets of Prague to a circus tent, from an uninhabited island to a cemetery. This music-filled performance that has participated in numerous festivals and won many important accolades offers an opportunity to the puppet lovers that cannot be missed.