Tiyatro Oyun Kutusu

  • Turkey
  • 50 Minutes
  • Age: 6+
  • Turkish

A children’s musical which has a whole new promise and speaks to the world of imagination. Without being didactic, the 'Limitless', which offers to children a fun and moving way, stands apart from many other children's performances. The child named Oyun, who is very affected by the book Little Black Fish, tells her friends about the infinity of knowledge and that they must go beyond their borders and develop themselves. 'Limitless' with its dances and songs, was designed in a great musical atmosphere for children. Established in Izmir in 2003, the ensemble has become Istanbul based since 2014. Oyun Kutusu started its journey with the motto of "Theater everywhere!", presented its shows on many stages since then. Welcoming everyone who is in pursuit of innovation and new pale areas, Oyun Kutusu is now waiting the children of Izmir to present their latest show…