Rusty Nails and Other Heroes

Tamtam Objektentheater

  • Netherlands
  • 50 Minutes
  • Age: 8+
  • Non Verbal

An award-winning performance that takes the audience to a different world. A world of changes in which nothing is as it appears and everything can become something else. Right before the audience’ eyes, findings that are rescued from street corners are transforming into actors in this visual performance. Performers shift an old cardboard under a camera and a desert is seen on the horizon. The sea emerges from a rusty saw. Gentle birds from the maple seed and old work gloves become an endless swamp, a mirror turns into a landscape and the sun becomes the moon. All these transformations are accompanied by a fascinating music that is always ready and captures the audience to the story. The text is unnecessary and the audience creates their own story in their own minds. Theater works as a charger for imagination and this show is the best example of it.