The Case of the Percussionist Ghost

La Gotera De Lazotea

  • Spain
  • 50 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Spanish, Turkish

All of us, especially children, feel uneasy with fear when we don't know or understand something. The same thing happens to Mercedes. Mercedes and the ghost Anselmo live in the same house. One day, Anselmo decides to learn to play percussion. However, this decision of Anselmo creates a conflict with Mercedes. Because Mercedes is scared and also can’t stand the ghost playing percussion at three in the morning. Both of them decide that the solution would be the other one leaving the house, but in the end both will think that the house would be too empty without the other. This performance, where dialogues, music and songs are performed live, offers a creative, social, original and a fun alternative to the canned entertainment concept presented today. Do not miss this fun guaranteed performance coming from thirty years of professional experience.