Maribor Puppet Theatre

  • Slovenia
  • 40 Minutes
  • Age: 6+
  • Non Verbal

Pinocchio's story is an incredible adventure that continues to be a source of excitement for generations of readers. Pinocchio is a metaphor showing how mistakes change human beings, and mistakes are not always bad. They are sometimes, the only way to teach ourselves how to better understand and change our lives. The show begins with a mistake and a plank. The puppeteer’s old toolbox, the old puppets becomes the decor and characters of the new play they designed. Maribor Puppet Theater's performance approaches the story we know with a completely new perspective. The performance staged as an object theater is the best example of the immortal works that can be watched for centuries.




Date - Time Venue
6 March - 11:00 Han Tiyatrosu
6 March - 14:00 Han Tiyatrosu
7 March - 13:00 Han Tiyatrosu