The Adventures of Pulcinella

Gianluca Di Matteo

  • Italy
  • 45 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Non Verbal

Pulcinella, one of the most colorful characters of the traditional European hand puppet family which our İbiş is included too, meets the puppet lovers of Izmir in the hands of one of the most talented young Italian puppet artists. Naples' traditional hand puppet Pulcinella, who is thrown from adventure to adventure in the show, enchants the audience on the stage. Especially when the other heroes get involved, the show turns into a feast that will fascinate audiences of all ages.



Date - Time Venue
10 March - 11:00 Folkart Academy
10 March - 14:00 Folkart Academy
11 March - 11:00 Güzelyalı Kültür Merkezi
11 March - 14:00 Güzelyalı Kültür Merkezi