Magic Meadow

Varna State Puppet Theater

  • Bulgaria
  • 35 Minutes
  • Age: 2+
  • Non Verbal

Come on children, let's do something together today! Let’s create a fairy-tale and dive into the magic world of that story where flowers, birds, ladybugs whisper to us! The characters in the story are all so small that we can hardly see them normally. But the worlds in their play are so colorful and wonderful that we promise that you will not want to leave the hall at the end of this tale. Let's get ready to meet this wonderful journey and Worm Stoyko, Garo the Crow, Caterpillar Pepy, Maya the Bee and Kinka the Ladybug along with their playful children. Talented actors, impressive stage design and puppets in this Magic Meadow will take you to an adventure that will not be forgotten. Shhh! The story is just about to begin...