Klasse Klasse

Theater Strahl

  • Germany
  • 90 Minutes
  • Age: 13+
  • Non Verbal

The performance is lively, surprising and extremely funny, describing the different typologies of students in a classroom in a funny way. The star student, the popular boy, and her lover, the most beautiful, the bully, the sportive, the dreamer, the defenseless, the class clown, the strict teacher and the liberal are all in this class. In a fascinating collage, the performance is portrayed in a rhythm, wit and poetic language which will revive the memories of many people during their student years. The Beatbox World’s number 2nd, Europe’s number 1st and the beatbox champion of Deutschland Mando’s live performance on the stage, created by the music and effects amaze the audience. Class is the place of conflict, competition and assertion, love and solidarity, exclusion, violence and harmony. Where emotions and generations collide. Are you ready to enjoy an amazing theater?



Date - Time Venue
6 March - 20:00 Sabancı Kültür Sarayı